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Life Is Multithreaded

CONECT accommodates a multithreaded lifestyle by allowing you to organize everything into a
tree structure of threads.
Threads have subthreads, and can contain all of your notes and tasks.

Keep Meeting Notes by Topic

Meetings can cover a variety of different topics.
ONTE allows you to keep separate notes for each topic, to allow better
traceability and organization.

Event Driven

Notes and tasks are driven by events such as meetings, conferences, or calls.
All entry into topics and tasks are created from events, so they can always be traced
back to their origin.

Mobile Friendly

Life and business does not always happen in front of your computer.
ONTE is built with all platforms in mind, so you can use it out to lunch with a client on your ipad,
or on your smartphone during a conference call.

Keep Track of Correspondence

Events keep track of the Who, What, and When.
CONECT helps you keep the meeting context of all your notes
by keeping track of your contacts and who is involved with each event.

Alpha Testing

ONTE is still in its Alpha Release Stages. The site is continually getting new features and bug fixes. The Design is still in its infancy. Please excuse the generic looks and bugs while we continue to improve the site. If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, there is a Ticket tracking system included at the bottom of the site.

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